Honors in Art Requirement for the University of Iowa

“I grew up and lived in Algona, Iowa for eighteen years before I moved to Iowa City for my undergraduate. During this time, my family and I lived in eight different homes, all in Algona. This was partly due to my parents needing more space for four growing children and secondly because switching jobs and having children was becoming expensive. We lived in what we referred to as the “McGregor House” for eight years, the longest amount of time in any house for me and it had been my favorite. Under circumstances in which I’m unsure that I’m able to disclose, we had to move out of the house do to health and safety issues with a company that was located across the street. Under this agreement, my family was given a meager sum of money to move to a different house as long as no one physically lived in the house for ten years after. This house has undergone different ownership but has indeed remained empty. I gained access to photograph the house as it stands today, nostalgic, empty, and rotting. In this series, Removed, I hope to convey the personal emotion that surrounds my family’s old home, searching for beauty in nature’s destruction.”

This show was displayed in the Checkered Space #2 (3rd Floor) of Calvin Hall at the University of Iowa on March 5 from the 22nd, 2012. The same show followed at Raygun (103 E. College St, Iowa City, IA) on March 23 through April 5th, 2012.

If you’re interested in buying a book featuring this work, you can do so here.

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